VIRGIN Media bosses have pledged to improve their communication and working methods, community leaders in Wrexham have been told.

Cllr Steven Vale told Offa Community Council that a 90-year old man had a two-day electrical blackout when the company was carrying out work, with plastic barriers left outside his home. “He had no warning and I have never seen so many barriers laying around on the ground,” said Cllr Vale.

He said Virgin did not to seem to have any method of working.

Cllr Joanna Kinch said there was structural damage to her pavement with a hole left right outside her door.

County Cllr Alun Jenkins said he had had talks with Virgin bosses.

The company did have problems in the past but the position had improved with new contractors. Cllr Jenkins said difficulties were caused because the work involved work in and around pavements, but the company said it would keep problems to a minimum and would inform residents in advance when work was due to start in their area.