CEFN Community Council have distanced themselves from a bid relating to The Ebenezer Chapel in Cefn Mawr.

The Leader previously reported that Dave Metcalfe had said the council had offered £200,000 to Wrexham County Borough Council in order to secure the property for the local community and turn it into an Arts & Crafts Centre as well as a Tourist Information Centre.

However, Cefn Community Council have now distanced themselves from this claim as a spokesperson for the council has said:

“Following a Council meeting held last evening I can confirm that Cefn Community Council have not offered 200k or any amount for the Ebenezer building and will not be doing so.

“At no time during Councillor Metcalfe's proposals made through the PKC group has any support been offered from Cefn Community Council.

The former Ebenezer Chapel was expected to be a beacon of regeneration in the village when it was refurbished back in 2007.

Although attempts were made to generate business and community interest, the building closed in 2013 and has remained vacant for the last six years.

Wrexham County Borough Council initially put the former chapel up for auction, looking to sell it to the highest bidder.

However, after many in the local community voiced concerns that the building could be sold and then put to use in a way which would not help the future regeneration of the village, it was decided that proposals for the building’s usage would decide who would claim ownership instead.

Mr. Metcalfe confirmed the statement provided by Cefn Community Council, adding:

“It is not the CCC that are trying to secure the Ebenezer for our community, it is the Plas Kynaston Canal Group which is backed by myself and my company.

“I am only one member of the CCC and do not speak collectively for the CCC.”