B-FEST WALES are bringing a unique Under 18’s live music night to Connah’s Quay on March 1, 2019.

The unprecedented event, which will see Flintshire schoolchildren performing at Connah’s Quay Civic Hall, is the first of its kind in the region with a B-Fest youth committee responsible for its organisation.

The B-Minor committee was formed in November 2018 to give young people the chance to have their say, with the annual B-Fest Wales now having separate zones in place to provide entertainment for children as well as adults.

In order to pay for activities on the days of the festival, the B-Minor committee were tasked with organising a fundraising event by the co-founder of B-Fest Wales, Philippa Kitchen, who said:

“I said to form a committee properly, so they have a chair, a vice-chair, a treasurer, a secretary, and then have a fundraising event to pay for certain activities on the days of the festival. One of their ideas was to have an Under 18s live music night.

“Everybody that comes to watch, and to perform – including the DJ - has to be under 18. This is an opportunity for children to do something that makes them feel a little more grown up with the quiet supervision of adults in the background.

“We’ve targeted the event at High School age children who are 11 years old and over. Some adults have asked to supervise their children, but I’ve had to say no.

“We will have security on the night, but it is also close to a police station. The B-Fest team are all DBS checked, while two extra security officers on site for peace of mind.

“There is a zero alcohol and zero tolerance policy. We want to run a fun, safe night for the kids, and that’s why there will be bag searches.

“The aim of the game is to have a bit of fun. Enjoy live music and enjoy the talents of their peers who may go to their schools.”

Youngsters from Mold Alun, Castell Alun, and Maes Garmon high schools will be among those performing live music in English and Welsh for the watching audience which will comprise completely of people under 18.

Connah’s Quay Civic Hall has a capacity of 300 people, and organisers are hoping to sell out the venue on the night to create a successful and memorable night which may lead to similar events being held again, and not just in Connah’s Quay.

B-Fest Wales co-founder, and B-Minor committee guide, Philippa Kitchen, adds:

“If this event is successful, we will hold another one in Connah’s Quay, and if that one is successful, we will consider going towards Prestatyn and St Asaph. We want to keep it in North Wales, but it’ll be nice to have a base in Flintshire, Denbighshire and Conway.

“We’d like to have a base in Connah’s Quay, but we also think it would be beneficial to go further down the coast and possible have events in different towns.

“The aim of it is to have it quarterly while increasing interest in B-Fest as a brand so they enjoy not only this Under 18s night every couple of months, but also our summer festival.

“The night is a bit of a gamble, but the more support we can get for it, the more often we can provide a continuous platform for our up and coming talent.”

The B-Fest Under 18’s Live Music Night will be taking place between 7:00pm and 10:30pm on Friday March 1, 2019. Tickets are £5 each on the door of Connah’s Quay Civic Hall.