A LOCAL choir who’s Musical Director has been appearing on an ITV show will play their first show since the appearance.

Wrexham Community Choir’s Coral Donaldson co-founder and Musical Director has been appearing on the popular show Cold Feet, as the character Jenny, played by Fay Ripley joins a choir for cancer patients.

Now Wrexham Community Choir, have announced that they will be performing for the first time since the episodes aired, in Saith Seren this Friday, February, 22.

Mrs. Donaldson has led community choir for almost 20 years and is also an accomplished composer, singing workshop leader and Musical Director for theatre, radio and television.

She believes leading community singing should be accessible to all and that everyone has a voice but are often inhibited about using it.

“Singing in harmony together boosts the immune system and endorphins, de-stresses, and creates joy, connection, community and harmony.

“In my work with choirs, I introduce accessible songs, old and new, from all around the world with 3 or 4 part harmonies - where everyone, from unsure beginners to seasoned singers create a wonderful group sound and feel a sense of wellbeing and togetherness”