COUNCILLORS in a Wrexham village will consider purchasing two lifesaving devices at a meeting being held this week.

Llay Community Council will discuss the proposal, put forward by Cllr Dave Adams, to purchase two new defibrillators at a cost of £3000, at its monthly meeting on Wednesday, February 20.

Several other communities within the county have already invested in the life saving emergency equipment in recent months and Cllr Adams is hoping his vision for Llay is shared by his fellow councillors.

Cllr Adams said: "Hopefully my fellow councillors will share my vision of giving a valuable resource to the community."

Three new defibrillators were recently purchased by Offa Community Council and installed by local company Stewart Rawson Electrical Contractors of Wrexham free of charge and Cllr Adams hopes a similarly generous offer of goodwill could be repeated in Llay.

He added: "If the proposal is accepted, is there any local Electrician Companies around Llay that could help with the installation as they require 240 v power to the heater unit?"

Defibrillators are usually secured in cabinets located on the outside wall of buildings and access is gained by phoning the emergency telephone number to the ambulance service on the outside of each cabinet.

A code is then quickly given by the ambulance operator to open the cabinet accessing the defibrillator and they will also stay on the line to give full instructions on its use while waiting for the ambulance to arrive.

When someone has a cardiac arrest their chances of survival diminish with every minute that passes and after seven minutes without medical attention their chances of survival are minimal.

This means that in areas where an ambulance or paramedic take longer than this to arrive an outdoor defibrillator should be installed.