A CLEAR message must be sent that attacks on emergency service workers will never be accepted, a police federation has said.

The statement, from North Wales Police federation, comes after a number of attacks against its officers in recent days.

A spokesman for the federation explained that six police officers across North Wales were 'viciously assaulted' over the course of the weekend whilst assisting members of the public and responding to calls for help.

Three of those officers were viciously punched and kicked by the people they were trying to assist.

Two officers were injured in Abergele, Conwy, when a male drove a motorbike at them, losing control then making contact with the officers.

A 35-year-old local man remains in police custody having been arrested on suspicion of attempted murder on the officers and other offences following the incident in Abergele.

"Despite the appalling circumstances and situation faced by the officers - and being subjected to disgusting and demeaning attacks - three of the officers remained on duty to continue to protect the public," A federation spokesman said.

"Two of the officers required medical assistance. Although no serious injuries were sustained there is no doubt that these attacks will have an impact upon the officers involved."

Mark Jones, from North Wales Police Federation said: “The incidents over this weekend, particularly the incident in Abergele, highlight the extreme risks our police officers face on a daily basis.

"It is only by pure luck that our colleagues were not severely injured but although the physical injuries may be relatively minor, we should never underestimate the mental trauma endured.

“The Police Federation will make sure our members are cared for and that they get all the support they need.

"Our commitment is to continue working with North Wales Police to ensure that our members are afforded the best possible protection, equipment, training and resources to keep them safe whilst protecting the public.

“We also demand that the justice system fully utilises their sentencing powers to send an clear message that assaults and attacks on emergency workers will never be accepted.”

The Assaults on Emergency Workers (Offences) Bill 2018, which was instigated by the Police Federation of England and Wales ‘Protect The Protectors’ campaign, was granted Royal Assent in September 2018 and came into force in November 2018.

The Bill makes it an aggravating factor to assault or sexually assault a police officer or any other member of the emergency services, punishable by up to 12 months in prison, double the existing six-month maximum sentence for common assault.