PREPARATIONS are well underway for a town’s annual pancake event.

Shrove Tuesday will be celebrated in Mold with the annual pancake races held, for the twelfth year, in Daniel Owen Square.

Residents and visitors are welcome to join in the fun on March 5, starting at 2pm.

Mold Pancake Races are organised by Mold Town Council and Cittaslow Mold.

Entry to race and watch is free, with pans, pancakes and aprons provided for the runners.

The rules are very simple – people can enter the event on the day, just before the race at 2pm.

Teams of four run in a relay for the pancake races – each person, wearing an apron, runs one length of Daniel Owen Square, tossing and catching their pancake three times.

They then hand over their pan, pancake and apron to the next person in their team.

Aprons have to be tied on. Teams will be timed and the fastest adult team and children’s team, which has tossed their pancakes the correct number of times, will win a prize.

The pancakes are being made by Spaven’s Sweet Shop in King Street, Mold.

The shop is also donating the prizes for both the fastest children’s and adults teams.

Tanwen Spaven said: “This is the fifth year that we’ve sponsored the Pancake Races by making the pancakes and also donating the prizes for the winning teams.

“As a local business we do all we can to help support events and activities in Mold.

“I think that they give visitors and residents another good reason to come into Town to enjoy themselves.

“We’ve perfected a batter for the races that makes a pancake strong enough to last four laps of the race. “If people miss the pan when they toss their pancake we don’t want it to fall apart when it hits the ground on Daniel Owen Square.”

As with so many community activities the pancake races rely on volunteers to help on the day.

Mold Town Council has thanked the event stewards, who will include members of Mold Town Council and residents.

Jane Evans, Mold Town Council support officer, said: “This will be our 14th year of holding the pancake day races. The event is a well-established firm favourite in the town’s events calendar and it’s great to see many of the local businesses and schools, who regularly participate, having a ‘flippin’ great time. So whether you are taking part or just coming along to cheer on our race goers, we look forward to seeing you.”