A POPULAR festival will return to North Wales this year in a bid to promote well-being and positive energy.

The Mind Body Spirit (MBS) Festival, organised by RainbowBiz, will return next weekend and thousands of people are expected to turn up to Mold to enjoy the day.

The festival is held five times every year and includes a variety of stalls, talks and different workshops including the Crystal Singing Bowl Sound Bath.

The Leader has previously reported that thousands of people attended Theatr Clwyd last year and Sue Oliver, founder said it is getting bigger and more popular as the years go on.

She said: "We are really proud of it. We just want the community to be able to access it without any financial barriers.

"It gives me goosebumps to think how far it's grown and it's because they all support it. They are key to the event and the success of it."

The festival will return for the first time this year on February 24 at Theatr Clwyd between 11am and 4pm and is free to attend.

Other dates include April 28, June 30, September 29 and December 1.

More information can be found on the MBS Facebook page or by emailing RainbowBiz at info@rainbowbiz.org.uk.

Sue told the Leader: "The festival is run completely by our volunteers and as we plan ahead I'll make a list of who works well with who.

"Seeing them come out of their shells is just amazing. Although me and Sarah (Sarah Way, partner) are the founders, we couldn't put on a festival of this sheer scale on our own so it's a big thanks to all our volunteers."

The RainbowBiz social enterprise aims to promote equality and diversity and help people overcome barriers such as physical and mental health.