TROUBLEMAKERS have been warned that if they are banned from one Wrexham pub or club, they will be barred from all.

Licensees in Wrexham have joined forces to use the latest technology to make their premises safer for staff and customers.

Wrexham Pubwatch North is a group of pubs which meet regularly to share information on individuals who have caused problems on their premises.

The Pubwatch group can exclude troublemakers by placing individuals on a Pubwatch ban which excludes the offender from all premises in the scheme.

Following a successful bid for funding from the North Wales Police and Community Trust (PACT) the Pubwatch group has joined Schemelink which is a tried and tested means to securely share this information in real time on line.

The same scheme has been used successfully in the town centre for several years and it’s hoped that extending it to premises outside the town centre will benefit both groups.

Paul Jones, chairman of the Pubwatch North group and licensee at The Cunliffe Arms in Borras said, “We all want to ensure that people using our pubs can do so in a safe and relaxed atmosphere.

“Unfortunately there are some people who are intent on causing trouble through criminal and sometimes violent behaviour. We won’t tolerate this on our premises.

"Previously our bans relied on an individual being known locally. Now we’ve got the ability to share images and other information in real time with neighbouring premises on the scheme and link in with the town centre.

"It means we can exclude troublemakers more quickly making it safer for everyone.”

Inspector Steve Owens of North Wales Police said: “This is a further extension of working together to prevent alcohol related crime and disorder in licensed premises.

"Schemelink has been developed as a central point for easier on line date sharing and communication between Pubwatch members, which I have no doubt can only contribute to making venues safer environments for customers and staff.

“The ability for Wrexham Town Nightsafe Pubwatch and Wrexham North to join together and share information of banned offenders is a positive approach to prevent troublemakers migrating to areas beyond the town centre. This fully supports the message of Pubwatch - banned from one banned from all.”