A BRAND new live-music venue is coming to Wrexham.

Following the closure of The Live Rooms last weekend, Cyclone Events are behind the backing of a new venue, which will be transformed from a cocktail bar into a nightclub, welcoming new and upcoming local bands, as well as famous DJ’s.

Mojo Bar and Restaurant, formerly South-Central, located on Town Hill in Wrexham, will become Mojo Nightclub and Live Music Venue according to Sam Foulkes, Managing Director at Cyclone Events, who says that they aim to rejuvenate the music scene in the town.

“It’s pretty much an already established venue. There’s lovely leather seating, the actual building itself doesn’t really need much work doing.

“We’re spending thousand son a new PA and speaker system, there’s a 600-person capacity across two different floors.

“We want to reinvent the town centre. Wrexham actually leads the way in terms of music in north Wales, but with the closure of The Live Rooms, we saw the gap in the market, we saw the opportunity to get in there and create something that we hope is going to be special.

“There are so many great music acts, not just in Wrexham but across north Wales that juts need to be showcased, and we aim to give them that platform.”

Many had feared that after The Live Rooms shut its doors for the final time on Saturday, February, 9, that the music scene in Wrexham would suffer a sharp decline, but Mojo aims to become the number one location for bands and DJ’s in the town.

The new venue is set to have an unofficial opening on Friday, March, 1, and will be open every Thursday, Friday and Saturday afterwards from 9pm-3am.

Mr. Foulkes has said acts are already in talks to appear at the venue and hopes it can become the place to be in Wrexham.

“I can’t say too much until everything is finalised but we’ve already some great local acts lined up, as well as great DJ’s such as Joe Taylor lined up, as well as Karen Parry.

“Only time will tell how successful we are but I’m confident that the public will get behind us and we’re looking forward to seeing how it plays out over the next few weeks.