FLINTSHIRE performers have celebrated their continuing success on a new television show.

Maddison Spencer and Charlotte Davies have appeared on BBC One’s The Greatest Dancer as part of the Dane Bates Collective dance group and after another successful performance, will appear on the fourth live show this Saturday.

The Greatest Dancer has seen dancers of all ages and experiences compete to perform on the channel’s Strictly Come Dancing and a land cash prize.

Emma Spencer, Maddison’s mum, told the Leader: “We are just so proud, she eats sleeps and breathes dance, so to have something like this at a young age it’s been fantastic and lovely.

“It’s a new series as well, which is unbelievable and having Cheryl as their mentor has been wonderful.

“It’s just out of this world, I still can’t believe it. Maddy takes it in her stride, they have both gone to school today and they do what they need to do. You wouldn’t believe over the weekend they were rehearsing with Cheryl.”

Maddison, 13, of Mold, and Charlotte, 15, of Hawarden, both attend Elsberdance school in Buckley, which is where they auditioned to become part of the Danes Bates Collective.

The dance group consists of girls of different ages across the UK but Emma said despite not living near each other, they all still find time to practice.

She added: “Dane used to teach at Elsber, so they know him through that and the opportunity arose to take part in auditions.

“The Collective are from all over the UK, so it’s harder for them to rehearse daily. They try to find a day to rehearse weekly and then when they go to the live shows it’s all they focus on. They are constantly facetiming each other and Snapchatting each other as well.

“I just think their dance school has been so supportive and their dance principle Rachel Catherall. Everyone has been great locally who are voting and both of their schools have been supportive as well.”

Also through to next week’s live show is Harry Smallman, 17, from Connah’s Quay and his dance partner Eleiyah Navis.

The pair both attend Jelli Studios, in Liverpool, where Harry is studying alongside performing on the show.

Mum Claire Smallman, said: “It’s exciting, we are all really enjoying it. It’s hard work for the kids, they work so hard but are doing really well.

“During the first week they had the highest audience vote and were in the top three again last week, so I’m a very proud mother.

“All the family are very proud too, we’ve always known he’s had these skills but it’s getting that breakthrough.”

Harry travels from Connah’s Quay to Liverpool every day to juggle his studies alongside his rehearsals for the show.

Claire added: “This is a really good platform and he’s at that age where he will be going out to find what he wants to do and he can have this on his profile, it’s amazing.”

The Greatest Dancer will return for another live show on Saturday.