A CRITICAL report has been published into the running of a mental health care home after inspectors found residents were at risk of harm.

Care Inspectorate Wales (CIW) has raised concerns about Ty Brian in Wrexham, including an alleged case of abusive behaviour towards a resident by a staff member.

Inspectors also found documents written by the owners of the home, which is based in the former Green Dragon pub in Hightown, highlighting the manager’s lack of experience.

The independent regulator has now issued a non-compliance notice calling for improvements in a move it described as a ‘serious matter’.

However, the managing director of Summit Care Services has disputed some of the claims, describing the allegation of verbal abuse as ‘unfounded’.

While they found that people living at the home were happy, CIW highlighted several issues following an unannounced visit in September.

In their report CIW inspectors said: “Care plans and risk management plans are not always reflective of people’s current needs which places the health and welfare of people at significant risk, as present health care needs may not be effectively met.

“Clear lines of accountability and a clear management hierarchy are not evident and there are also concerns in regard to the integrity and transparency of internal records and information shared both verbally and in writing from leaders and managers within the home.

“External and internal reporting systems and policies are not always followed.

“These matters impact negatively on the support received for individuals and in turn, individual heath and welfare.”

Ty Brian first opened as a residential home in 2015 with six beds to provide specialist care to people with mental health illnesses.

During their visit, CIW found records relating to a conversation held between a member of staff and a resident at the home in August last year.

Comments made by an unnamed staff member included; “You have just reinforced why no housing place or other unit would touch you with a ten foot barge pole,” and; “Nobody put a gun to your head and forced you to do anything, you have nobody else to blame for your actions.”

Inspectors said the responses showed ‘abusive and intimidating’ behaviour, which was unsupportive.

They also discovered comments written by the managing director of the care company Tom Convery, who described the home’s manager as “lacking experience” and reliant on other staff.

In response, Mr Convery said some of the documents had been misinterpreted and the home was working with CIW to address the issues.

He said: “Our first registration inspection was back in 2016 and every inspection since then has commented that all of our current and past residents are happy, well cared for and safe.

“Obviously CIW have identified non-compliance issues within our service.

“We recognise this and we engaged a company called BKR Care Consultancy.

“We invited them up to a do a formal audit of our services and the conclusion of their audit is that we’re compliant.

“We are currently working with CIW on the outstanding areas of concern and working with them to achieve compliance at the first opportunity.”

Mr Convery said the home’s manager had all the necessary qualifications to run it, with a senior member of staff on hand to provide assistance every day.

In regards to the alleged abusive comments, Mr Convery said staff were using a technique known as reflective speech to observe a resident’s behaviour.

He said: “It’s an allegation in my view, and in the view of Wrexham safeguarding, which is an unfounded allegation.

“We had a particular client where there was concern from the team about his behaviour and at the external team’s instigation it was recommended that our staff use reflective speech.

“It was flagged up by CIW that this could be something and they referred it to safeguarding in Wrexham, who came out, looked at the records and spoke to our staff. They said there was nothing in it.”