A SERIES of new restrictions could make roads safer for children, councillors have said.

Flintshire Council has proposed to tackle a range of traffic issues by implementing ‘no waiting at any time’ restrictions in problem areas across the county.

At their monthly meeting, Connah’s Quay councillors discussed the proposals for the Golftyn Ward and members said it would make things safer for everyone.

Cllr Nathan Jones told the Leader: “I welcome the decision for Flintshire County Council to implement a ‘no waiting at any time’ at these specific locations.

“Many of these restrictions are planned near school buildings, providing a safe environment for young people to cross roads without having their line of sight obstructed by stationary cars.

“It also makes roads safer for drivers, preventing the need for overtaking parked vehicles on narrow roads.

“I hope the local community will appreciate that these measures, despite being a small inconvenience for some, are there to ensure the safety of everyone.”

The restrictions aim to crack down on issues such as parking and speeding and plans showing the roads affected can be found on the Flintshire Council website.

Some of the roads in the Golftyn Ward will include Kelsterton Road, Church Street, Golftyn Lane and High Street.

Cllr Ian Dunbar said they have heard reports of issues where wheelchair users and prams have had to walk along the roads and partially sighted people have walked into car bumpers.

He said: “Without a doubt this will be safer for children. I’m pleased, especially for the children, it will be a safer route for them and will open the place up so everyone can see what’s coming and going.

“I hope it goes around the whole of Connah’s Quay because inconsiderate parking is an issue. It’s also hard for emergency services to get through as well so it’s got to be a blessing for the Golftyn Ward.”

The proposal is still in the legal process and anyone with any concerns can send in their objections until February 22, full details can be found online.

Cllr Andy Dunbobbin added: “I welcome this because I have experienced first hand myself how dangerous that part of Quay Hill is. Vehicles park either side and others try and squeeze through. Recently me and Bernie were by Pen y Llan flats walking along and a van went into a bus and it frightened us to death.

“There’s an issue with speeding as well so this, for me, will be helping in trying to combat that and make it safer.

“If any residents have any concerns about it such as parking then please feel free to contact me and Im more than happy to take it up with highways officers.”

Cllr Bernie Attridge also agreed saying parking has been an issue for many years and members have wanted this for a long time.