WALES' youngest ever Assembly Member has celebrated one year on since being elected to represent his community.

Jack Sargeant, AM for Alyn and Deeside, decided to put himself forward to carry on his father's legacy and was successfully voted in on February 6, 2018.

Despite grieving for his father, former minister Carl Sargeant, Jack made the decision shortly after the funeral and was supported by the Alyn and Deeside community.

One year on to the date, he told the Leader: "I wanted to carry on dad's legacy and all the hard work he did both for the area which we grew up in but also what he has done for Wales. He has transformed great processes into great legislation.

"I also wanted to repay the community for their kindness and support through the hardest time of our lives. I did always say I wasn't going to go down as Carl's son, I was going in as Jack Sargeant.

"If we were going to do things we would do them my way and we would bring our own stuff to the table and new ideas both from being younger and growing up in a different era of life.

"Many people said I was too young, that came out quite often in the campaign, and I disagreed from the start. I've said many times before age is just a number. Being a different age we have different views. I can bring a new dynamic which is good.

"We should have representation for everyone and I hope I still represent everyone in our community no matter who they are or the age they are. Being the youngest AM I can also represent everyone and we have had good cross party support."

Before he took on the role, Mr Sargeant received his engineering apprenticeship at Coleg Cambria and completed his work experience at Airbus. Following that he worked at DRB - an integrated mechanical and electrical engineering company serving a broad range of industrial sectors.

The AM said without his family support he would not have stood for the election, saying receiving support from his mum, Bernie and sister, Lucy, was vital to him.

He said: "Without the family support then I probably wouldn't have stood. It was important to me they were okay with it.

"They always supported me and dad. They were wary of what was going on but again, I needed that support.

The Leader: Jack Sargeant AM, right, with Keith Jones, senior advisor to Rhianon Passmore AMJack Sargeant AM, right, with Keith Jones, senior advisor to Rhianon Passmore AM

"It's a lot different to what I was doing but I'm enjoying it. I'm glad I decided to stand and I'm proud the people voted and allowed me to do this. No doubt we have had difficult times and I'm no super hero - I have down days and that is okay but I have got a good team around me and I think we have done some good work and will continue to do that."

Mr Sargeant promised to continue his father's work and has since pledged to do what he can to end domestic violence and raise awareness about mental health.

Speaking about his own mental health, he said it has been a tough, but rewarding journey.

He added: "It has been difficult to do it and exhausting sometimes. On world mental health day I spoke about my own mental health. I found it difficult to speak to my mates about it, who are very good and supportive, but it is about changing that and if my standing up and raising awareness helps someone open up then that is okay with me. I'm happy to be exhausted from that if I can help someone I will do it everyday.

"I came here to do a job I was elected to do and I want to make my community proud for supporting me.

"We could come here in the Assembly wanting to change the world and speak in everything and put your name down for everything but I will only speak on stuff I'm passionate about and my community is passionate about to try and use my time differently to make sure I'm doing the best work I can.

"People putting their name down for everything won't get called for everything but they will put their names down which means they will be writing speeches and researching.

"I prefer to choose what to put my name down for to really make an impact. It means I can use my time to delve deeper into actual problems and support people who need it rather than saying something for the sake of it."

Keith Jones, senior advisor to Rhianon Passmore AM, said: "Jack has made a dynamic impression in his first year. Everyone has been impressed by his determination and passion to represent his constituency."