WREXHAM fans have their say on the decision to appoint Bryan Hughes as the club's new manager.

Hughes has penned a three-and-a-half-year contract at The Racecourse after Graham Barrow resigned from the post.

Here are some of your comments...

BLOGDROED: "Keates had no experience, Ricketts had no experience. The board were then criticised for not holding on to these two managers when they were headhunted by League One clubs... and now they are being lambasted for appointing another young manager... sometimes I despair."

LEE CHAMBERLAIN: "If Jose or Pep were given the job there would still be people moaning, give the lad a break! They all start out somewhere!"

NEIL LEWIS: "I hope he is successful, just a bit concerned that he has less experience on the coaching side than Sam Ricketts had before he came to Wrexham. The other concern is the length of contract unless the board know more than us. Anyway, let's get behind him, he could be a great success."

PETER WILLIAMS: "I'm dubious about giving a 3.5 year deal to a rookie manager and hope there is an escape clause written in if targets are not met. On the other hand, if he is successful and higher league teams come calling then we can command higher compensation. I wish him every success."

MALCOLM RANDLES: "Every appointment of any new manager is a gamble and success not guaranteed. 3.5 year deal is a massive gamble. Personally Flynn would have been perfect for the run-in with his experience. But will support Yozzer from Saturday and hope he is a successful Wrexham manager."

DEZZLAAAA: "Only we would employ someone with little to no experience as a manger, simply as he once played for us. No-one can say there isn't better out there for us to go and get. The board has failed again, 3.5 years is shocking. Have we not learnt anything about handing those deals out?"

PETE JONES: "Loved him as a player, hope to love him even more now taking us up, we will see, let's back the guy and give him a chance, start with 3pts on Saturday #hopefully #onwardsandupwards #wxmfc"

BRIAN: "If he manages like he played for us it would be a master stroke but do understand peoples problem with length of contract."

RHYS N WILLIAMS: "A 3 and half year contract is very surprising. Obviously the board have a lot of confidence in him. I will get behind, hopefully he can do an Ole Gunnar Solskjaer like at Manchester United and surprise everyone by doing so well!"

BRANDON DION WILLIAMS: Would have preferred to have given someone with experience in the league a chance , disagree with the handing of a 3 year contract - should have just been to the end of the season especially with the lack of experience in management."

WRECSAM AL: "Considering we're a fan owned club the lack of transparency is staggering on numerous fronts. If recent "goings-on" were happening when some of the previous owners were in charge many of the WST Board would have been calling for heads to roll. A bunch of amateurish hypocrites."

BEN WILLIAMS: "Baffling really, don't think we can answer the question until after hearing what he says at his press conference. Way more left field than Keates or Ricketts and 3.5 years seems ludicrous at first glance."

MATTY WEBBER: "Only taking his first training session two days before the game, off the back of what I can only assume has been (at least) a week of instability within the squad? If we win on Saturday it'll be a minor miracle; we've a squad full of driftwood already, this makes it worse."

CONNOR SCOTT: "Outrageous decision to give a rookie manager with such little experience a 3.5 year contract. We’ll get behind Hughes, but the board need to be held accountable for this mess and serious changes need to occur when it comes to running a club desperate for promotion."

DJ POVEY: "It’s a risk, especially with the 3.5 year deal! However if he is a success we need to keep hold of him! It’s all well and good getting compensation but it’s going to have a negative effect on the players if they are having to adapt 3 times a season to different styles of play!"

PAUL MORRIS: "Why did Barrow leave? Why give him resources to get new players if not in boards plans, hence quick appointment? How long til Hughes goes when Birmingham knock on door? We are now a laughing stock, thanks board."

OWEN THORNLEY: "3 and a half years is a bit steep for an inexperienced manger but managers need consistency which we haven’t had for 3/4 seasons, incredibly rare that a manager achieves anything in their first season, would be happy with just play-offs this season."

RICHARD FROOM: "Offering a 3.5 year deal to a manager with minimal experience just screams that the board don't know how to deal with the football side of things. This coming right off the back of a failed 2.5 year deal for our previous manager who initially didn't want the job. Shambles really."