Leader readers have had their say on the proposed 8.5 per cent council tax rise, and they’re not happy.

Flintshire Council is proposing to hit residents with an 8.5 per cent council tax increase to offset a funding shortfall of £3.1m for 2019/20.

With cuts in services an unviable option, Flintshire Council say they have been left with no other choice but to raise council taxes for the upcoming year.

The proposal will go before councillors at a meeting of the cabinet committee on Tuesday.

Residents in the region, though, are making their feelings clear about the situation.

Commenting on the Leader’s Facebook page, Dana Morgan says: “I will not be paying an 8.5 per cent increase. We don’t get the services for what we pay now.”

Anthony Johnson, agrees, and wants to see what his money is getting. “What a joke, and they just expect us to pay it. I want more for what I pay, not less.”

Pat Davies, meanwhile, is considering a protest to make the council aware of how local people feel.

He says: “We could organise a march at Flintshire County Council and let them know that we won’t be paying it. I certainly can’t afford it after the last increase.”

Steven Cogley, though, has a grim outlook on the financial pressures facing the people of Flintshire. He says: “Soon, we will all be at foodbanks.”

Due to an “unfair” funding formula, Flintshire Council is as low as 19th out of the 22 Welsh councils in terms of the amount of funding per head of population it receives from the Welsh Government.

And Michaela Price says: “Flintshire councillors need to prioritise North Wales, and make sure Flintshire gets a fair share of national funding.”