CONCERNS have been raised following the use of counterfeit currency.

Sgt Neil Hughes of the South Flintshire policing team, said they had two incidents across Flintshire on January 2 which are both linked, where £50 notes have been tendered at two local pubs.

The suspect has tried to buy a cheap drink and tendered fake £50 notes.

He said the suspect is a male with a well spoken Irish accent and is seen leaving in a Mazda 4 vehicle.

The Sgt added: "Luckily the businesses were wise to the ruse and refused to accept the notes. Can I remind businesses to feel free to refuse large tender. If someone tries to buy something cheap with a large note it should ring alarm bells. Use ultraviolet pens and or scanners."

Anyone with information or concerns can contact police on 101 or email ref 19100002754.