A MULTI-STOREY carpark with a troubled history is starting 2019 with a new image, thanks to a raft of improvements.

St Mark's carpark in Wrexham town centre has come under scrutiny in recent months, owing to complaints of drug use and paraphernalia in the stairwells, and people using the site for criminal activity.

Two months ago the carpark was taken over by Parking Eye, who brought in ex-policeman Dave Darby to run security. Since then, Dave has been on a mission to clean up the carpark's image.

Some of the improvements made to the carpark include the installation of new lighting and CCTV cameras and the carpark also has a twice-daily patrol from PCSOs as well as the introduction of a car wash on the ground floor, whose staff also double as added security.

Dave Darby said: "The carpark was in a hell of a state, but it's clean and tidy now. We've completely rid the carpark of the drug paraphernalia. The bit round the back still needs a bit of work, but that requires a special team to dispose of what's there, but that will be done in a week or two.

"We have the car wash for security, and people thank us now, the police and the council, for keeping the carpark secure. Thanks to the cameras we've been able to help the police with four crimes, including a mugging and theft.

"The place is very clean now for a carpark and in the coming days we will be painting all the stairwells. Having the cameras lets people know that it's a safe place to park."

Rob Riley, who works at the car wash, said: "We've gutted the whole place. I took a month off work to help get the place up and running but it is spotless now.

"It's a work in progress but we liaise with police and people can now go to work knowing that their car is safe."