THE DEMOLITION of a 'redundant' youth club will modernise a school, a councillor has said.

The Leader reported previously how plans received by Flintshire Council request permission to demolish an existing youth centre at Ysgol Glan Aber in Bagillt.

In addition the scheme seeks to build a new school hall, kitchen and classroom, as well as creating a temporary school kitchen and hall.

Bagillt West Councillor Mike Reece welcomed the plans.

He said: "I'm all in favour - there will be youth provision in or by the school.

"The youth club shut some years ago because of the low attendance and the cost of team leaders to keep it open.

"The school does use it as an extra class room and there is dog training and morris dancing there but the club faded away due to council cutbacks.

"It ended up being redundant.

"This plan will modernise the school and give catering facilities and extra classrooms.

"It gets to the point where we have to refuse children because it is not big enough, but this will make it a lot bigger."

Recalling how own memories of the club from his youth he said: "I used to go there years ago and they did football.

"But it's a completely different type of recreation now with computers as well."

According to the plans, the works are set to start in July 2019 with overall completion expected in April 2020.

A construction management plan by Kier, submitted with the planning application, states: “We are providing temporary units for the school to utilise, in the form of five modular units (kitchen, storage and dining area).

"The existing youth centre will be demolished to make way for the new extension.

"There are minor refurbishment works within the existing school building and a new build link will provide access from the school to the new extension.

"A small class extension will be constructed at the front of the existing school."