MYSTERY surrounds a huge number of dead birds which have been dumped next to the North Wales coastal path.

Last month, the Leader reported on the mystery of dozens of dead pheasants found tied to trees next to Llwyneinion acid tar lagoon near Wrexham.

Now Flintshire has experienced similarly strange goings on.

This is because about 100 pheasant carcases have been found on the side of the Mostyn part of the Wales coast path, a popular walking and cycling spot.

It is unknown who dumped the pheasants or why they have been left there, but the foul smelling bodies of the birds are now putting people off going on walks there.

But it is thought that the dead pheasants could have been dumped en masse on the embankment, known locally as the ‘cob’, following a traditional Boxing Day shoot.

Resident Janice Scott said: “I came across the pile of pheasants on a walk, but in truth I smelt them before I saw them.

“I believe that they have been dumped following a traditional Boxing Day shoot, but there’s simply no excuse to just dump them like that. It really isn’t a nice thing to come across, in fact it’s horrendous.’’

Cllr Bob Hazlehurst said: “The cob has become a dumping ground, with people tipping all sorts down there, but nothing quite as strange as this.

“I’ve simply no idea where they’ve come from or who’s chosen to dump them there. I just hope they are removed as soon as possible.

“We are trying to take steps to prevent the persistent fly tipping in the cob area. CCTV has been touted, but how effective that would be with the size of that area is questionable.’’

Steve Jones, chief officer Streetscene and Transportation said: “Flintshire County Council have been made aware of a number of dead pheasants deposited on the Coastal path near Mostyn and have arranged for Streetscene to collect and remove the birds.”