A TOWN council has thanked the travelling community for helping those less fortunate this Christmas.

Members of the travellers community have been donating to foodbanks across the UK as part of 'the foodbank challenge' including residents at Queensferry caravan park.

Cllr Gary Cooper, chair of Shotton town council, gave a mention at the monthly meeting and requested they write to the community to thank them.

He told members at the meeting that 70 trolleys of food were donated within just a few days from the Queensferry residents.

He said: "I'm very impressed. The travellers, a much aligns group of people, have donated to Flintshire Foodbank, over 70 trolleys.

"If they have got a society, I suggest we write and thank them. It shouldn't be happening in today's society but we should thank them for their kind donation."

People fill a trolley and then nominate others via social media to do the same within 48 hours.

Paddy Doherty, known for his role in my Big Fat Gypsy Wedding, said he decided to get involved and then nominated people he knew from as far as London.

He added: "This time of year is hard for everyone, everyone deserves a Christmas.

"Everyone has a different level of Christmas, for some people it's about getting a new car and how many toys their children can get, but for others, their Christmas would be to get something to eat.

"Some people just want what we don't value. We didn't do it to be recognised, this is the life we live, we get on with it.

"It's not about how much you put in, it's how much you want to donate.

"We get a lot of stick but it makes us proud and happy that people see the good side in us. We all bleed when we are cut and we all cry the same tears."

The community were also thanked from Flintshire Foodbank who said they had taken up the Foodbank challenge.

A spokesman for the charity said on social media: "This is brilliant. Thank you so very much for all the donations and your generosity."