A HEALTHCARE simulation suite based at Wrexham Glyndŵr University has been extended.

The suite, used by a range of students on health-related courses, has benefited from a range of new equipment after a £15,000 funding boost from Health Education Improvement Wales (HEIW).

That will allow students to examine the effects of diseases on organs and other body parts in a controlled learning environment before applying their learning in the workplace.

Gilly Scott, who teaches MSc students as an advanced nurse practitioner said: "Our students are not just nurses, they are working as all kinds of specialists such as physiotherapists, paramedics, radiographers, pharmacists and podiatrists.

"These are people who are very used to working with technology and they have to keep up with it, so we, as a university, keep up with these new developments too.

“It is one thing teaching something, but doing it time and time again as this suite enables our students to do helps you to become a safe practitioner."

Senior Lecturer in Nursing, Yolanda Evans, added: “Because the environment many of these people are working in is so busy, a suite like this can give them the chance to do things in a learning environment. Having that space, without the pressure, means that people can put their learning into use over and over."

Students on the Advanced Clinical Practice Programme have to build up many hours of clinical practice as part of their work.

HEIW Director of Nursing Stephen Griffiths said: “Ensuring healthcare students and professionals in Wales have the most up to date learning tools is critical if we are to have a workforce that meets the needs of patients. We’re very pleased to see how Wrexham Glyndŵr University has used funding to invest in new technology to enhance learning and development within healthcare.”

Wrexham Glyndwr University staff are using the suite with its students to mark Advanced Practice Week 2018 which runs until November 18.