A WOMAN is urging residents to remain vigilant following reports of people posing as police officers.

Sam Ackerman, of Buckley, said her husband was approached by two males dressed as police officers who said they were responding to reports of domestic violence.

They approached Keith Ackerman in his back garden and then asked to look around their home to check nothing was broken.

Sam said: “They were asking him about the row, which we didn’t have, and then asked if they could look around to check nothing was broken.

“One male went to look around the house while the other waited in the garden with him and asked about his plans for the next few nights.

“They had the whole uniform on and didn’t think anything of it. You just automatically think they are who they say they are and you don’t question it.”

Sam said she called North Wales Police when her husband joined her at their caravan to check the officers had been real.

They were told no officers had been dispatched to their area.

She added: “Just be really vigilant and don’t trust anyone that comes to your door. No police officer has the right to enter a house without a warrant and if they were real they won’t mind you calling to check their badge number.

“I was glad I was at the caravan, I don’t think I would’ve slept that night and would’ve been quite jumpy. I think I will be jumpy for some time.

“I wouldn’t have thought for a moment people would pose as police officers. I just hope it doesn’t happen to anyone else.”

Sgt Neil Hughes of the South Flintshire policing team said this has become an issue in the Buckley area.

One incident at Rhuddlan Road saw a woman approached by two males wearing a police uniform and asked her questions about what she was doing for the next few nights.

Another incident saw two males approach a house at 7.30am, both wearing body armour and handcuffs but failed to show identification and had no badge number on their uniform.

The Sgt said: “It does seem to be an issue. Anyone with dashcam footage or information please come forward.

“If you do get approached, get the registration and send any dash cam footage. They need to show you photo ID, if not, close the door and phone North Wales Police and clarify who they are and why they are there.

“We are urging people to be vigilant on their doorsteps. It’s your house and your rules.”

Officers are looking for two males dressed in black and possible with a dark grey coloured focus.

The men are in their 30s, bronzed and have dark hair. Anyone with information can contact police on 101 or via the live webchat.