A GENEROUS "lifeline" from a pub landlady to save a historic market has fallen on deaf ears.

Friday, September 14 marked the first day Flint market had not been open in over 700 years.

Lynda Leigh, owner of the George and Dragon pub located opposite the location of the former market, offered to host the market in her disused car park to keep the town's history and footfall alive.

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Only one market stall decided to take heed and set up in the car park: fruit and veg man Paul Chand, 38, from Liverpool, whose grandfather George Chand started trading in Flint in 1953.

The decision to close the market was made by Flintshire Council for sustainability and access purposes, as it was not feasible to close Church Street for a whole day for a small number of stalls.

Flint market thrown a 'lifeline' by pub landlady

A spokesman said: "In recent years, the sustainability of Flint market has been under threat because it has only attracted small numbers of market traders and limited customer numbers.

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"With numbers dwindling to the point where it was no longer financially viable, the market's last day will be September 14."

"From Friday, September 21, Church Street will remain open as on other days."

Paul's fruit and veg stall is located just off the pavement that leads into the car park. He said he believed others would follow suit and take advantage of Lynda's offer, but unfortunately the time of year didn't help keep traders on Flint turf as it's "always a quiet time," said Paul.

He added: "I'm doing quite well, we're happy. It's worked out well for me. I'm getting about the same amount of customers and some new faces because the road is open so for this time of year it's probably just above average.

"I'm glad I'm visible from the roadside. Lynda is a lifesaver. I think the other traders decided not to because it's the wrong time of year. People have to walk off the main street into the car park, and the traders just didn't think it would work out. I can't see it coming back in the summer - most of them have got other markets to do because they were a bit annoyed at the council for closing the market."

Lynda announced to the local traders, some of whom had been trading in Flint for many years, that they were welcome to use her car park as she did not need it.

But according to the land lady, who has lived in Flint most of her life, traders have decided to take their market stalls elsewhere as Flint is no longer a viable place to trade.

She said: "The butcher has gone on to the retail park. I think that's because he needs an electric supply - which I would have offered if I'd have known. The other ones, I don't know where they've gone. It's quite sad really.

"The pensioners use the veg guy, he's really popular. If you go outside you can see them all outside talking to him, it's lovely. At least they've got that, but other than that nothing. The offer was there and I can't force them. There's plenty of room."

Although closing the market is "very sad" according to Lynda, the opening of Church Street to traffic on Fridays has increased the amount of shoppers, and will hopefully increase the amount of Friday spending in local shops.

She said: "Now cars have the road back, there's loads of people and it's busier than normal. We've had loads coming in on Fridays now.

"But anyway the road is open, the town is busier now. I've noticed such a difference in the high street, absolutely. It's normally dead on a Friday, but now cars can drive up it and stop and park."