FLINTSHIRE is joining the nationwide day of commemorative events marking the centenary of the end of the First World War.

Residents across the county will be paying tribute to the millions killed or wounded in battle and those on the home front who also struggled to help ensure freedom survived.

More than 1,000 Beacons of Light will be lit throughout the nation symbolising an end to the darkness of war and a return to the light of peace. Flintshire’s beacons will join Beacons of Light on a special Sunday evening marking the end of four years of war.

Staff of Flintshire Countryside Services, in partnership with other organisations, are extending an open invitation to the community to join them and local groups on Sunday along Flintshire's coast and parks for lighting of the beacons.

There are four locations in Flintshire:

Flint - near the RNLI Station, Flint Point, Greenfield Dock and Waun y Llyn Country Park in Hope.

The meeting on November 11 is 6.30pm with lighting starting at 7pm.

Cllr Carolyn Thomas, Flintshire Council’s cabinet member for Streetscene and countryside, said: ''As Flintshire joins the rest of the nation in this commemorative event, it is an opportunity to bring the community together to our outdoor spaces to remember those involved during the war 100 years ago.

''The use of the beacons will light up the darkness signifying peace, a tribute to the millions.''