A judge has cracked down on knife and drugs crime – by sentencing a 19-year-old to more than eight years behind bars.

At Caernarfon Crown Court, Daniel Byrne, of Holywell, was sentenced to five years for wounding a man he slashed across the face with a Stanley knife, with a consecutive three years and four months for drug dealing.

Judge Timothy Petts told Byrne, who had been convicted by a jury of wounding with intent but admitted drugs offences: “I realise this is a long sentence but these are serious offences.”

Byrne had been living at the Llys Emlyn hostel at Holywell.

He’d admitted wounding Lee Daly, in his forties, but denied it was with intent. However a jury decided unanimously that it was intentional.

The incident took place at about midday in a car park outside the hostel last November. Byrne got out of a blue car and called Mr Daly “a smackhead”.

When My Daly asked why, Byrne lunged at him and slashed his face.

He had superficial wounds to his cheek but a deeper wound to his neck needed stitches and had left a scar.

Byrne had claimed in evidence he had the knife because of his factory work in which he opened cardboard packages.

He said he had “swung aimlessly” hoping to get away from Mr Daly “who charged at me”. He did not intend to hurt Mr Daly but just wanted to get away, he claimed.

Following sentencing, Inspector Gareth Cust of the Flintshire North Policing Team said: “North Wales police will relentlessly pursue those who cause harm in our communities through being concerned in drug supply.

"These offences often come with violence and blight the communities we police.

"The sentences reinforce our commitment for a safer North Flintshire.”