A BUSINESS owner in Wrexham has paid his own poignant tribute to those that fell in the First World War.

John Dring, who runs Seagrave Militaria in Overton Arcade on the High Street has created a window display in his shop, which includes a full officers uniform.

He says it was his way of paying respect as the centenary of the end of the Great War approaches.

This significance of this year's Remembrance Day takes on extra significance for John as his Great Grandad, Thomas Seagrave Dring, who he named the shop after, fought in both the First and Second World Wars as part of the Notts and Derby Regiment.

John said: "I've been collecting memorabilia for over 25 years now so a lot of stuff in the display is my own, but some of it has been kindly donated by friends and family.

"I just wanted to do my bit to mark the 100 years since the war ended and a window display seemed like a fitting way to do it."

The shop has only been open for four months and John said one of the motivating factors was finding out the story behind a piece of memorabilia and that when he conducts his research, the history of a solider is then brought back to life, which is satisfying.

He added: "I've just had all my Great Grandad's war papers sent over to me and when you look at where he served, it's absolutely mind blowing to think he even survived the war. He came home from that, World War Two broke out and he went again."

Among the battles his Great Grandad fought in were those at Ypres, Menin Road Ridge and the St Quentin Canal in 1918 where his battalion lost more than 600 men, but Thomas Seagrave Dring survived them all and managed to live until 1971.

The decorative window display includes the full, original officers uniform of a Major Ernest Percy Reynolds, including his sword, helmet and boots, who was shot in the head in 1917, but survived and returned to the trenches just a few months later.