A MAN who used racist language in a Deeside café has been placed under curfew for 20 weeks.

Tommy Baird started to shout and swear at customers in Matthew's Sandwich Bar in Station Road, Queensferry.

His racist bile was aimed at Pakistani and Jewish people, although they were not targeted specifically at anyone in the café at the time, North East Wales Magistrates Court heard.

Prosecutor Robert Blakemore said at one stage Baird shouted “They shouldn’t be here. They should be killed at birth” while he waved a copy of the New Testament around.

He was asked to leave the café and picked up his plate to walk towards the door, but his food slipped onto the floor.

“He had a tomato in his hand and he told one of the staff 'I could shove it in your face, but that would be assault'."

Baird said he was bipolar and a customer told him he should have taken his meds.

When he was arrested later an amount of heroin was found him which was agreed was for personal use only.

Baird, 55, of Dyfed Drive, Queensferry admitted racially aggravated harassment on January 28 and possession of heroin on February 1.

Victoria Hanley, defending, said Baird’s mental health problems were so severe that he was sectioned soon after the incident.

“He suffers from bipolar and he is certainly not a racist and there was no-one of that ethnicity (Jewish or Pakistani) in the café at that time," she told the Mold court.

Baird was handed a community order and was made the subject of four restraining orders and magistrates ordered him to pay costs of £85 and a victim surcharge of £85.