THE completion of major works to a listed town hall building have been delayed for over four months.

Improvements to Flint Town Hall began in January this year, commissioned by Flint Town Council to refurbish and enhance the building for public and private use.

The works were estimated to be completed by the end of May, but this month, the picturesque building is still covered in scaffolding and construction plastic and no date has been announced for completion.

Outstanding improvements include works to the first floor windows, stonework to the ground floor entrance, and refurbishments to the ground floor doors.

Andrew Loveridge, town clerk, told Flint council at their full meeting on Monday: "There is absolutely zero update since my last report [in September]. A formal notice of non-completion has been put forward to the contractors which makes problems with payments.

"We will try and do everything we can to do things as swiftly as possible. We are now a long way past May and the works have not been completed.

"The major outstanding works are the ones we are going going to get the most benefit from," including the double-glazing on windows which the clerk said were the "biggest draught producers in Flint."

He later told the Leader: "This is a listed building so it was to repair a whole range of problems with the structure of the building. The initial delays beyond May were due to the instability of the two towers which have been refurbished, capped, and are perfectly safe, sound and secure."

Mr Loveridge added that further delays were due to the contractors having "financial issues."

The historic hall has served the town since 1840, after the early 16th century building was demolished due to safety concerns during assemblies over its dilapidated state.

Today, a meeting will be held between the town council, the architect, the surveyors and the Heritage Lottery Fund to see how the council can "move things forward," according to the clerk.