A DEPRESSED Wrexham man said to be self-medicating on alcohol attacked his partner, punching her in the face.

Mark Patey, 46, who had also taken cocaine, admitted assault but claimed he had been provoked.

He was jailed for 16 weeks after North East Wales magistrates said he did not appear to be taking responsibility for what he had done.

The Mold court was told the probation service was concerned that he intended to resume his relationship when he had not undergone any intervention and that he was considered a high risk to his partner, Kelly Duncan.

Patey of Heol y Waen, Bradley, who admitted assaulting her on September 22, claimed it was two back handers and then a punch.

Prosecutor Rhian Jackson said police received a 999 call, went to the house in the early hours and found a woman with a bruised and swollen face.

She said she had been punched repeatedly to the face and told officers he had assaulted her 10 years ago, breaking her nose.

He would want to know about everything she did and in recent times she had been the bread winner while he was off sick.

But two months earlier he got himself a job and it was claimed he had not been taking his medication for depression and anxiety.

She believed he had a problem with alcohol, drinking four to eight cans of lager a night, and he also was a drug user.

That night both had been drinking, he had taken cocaine and Patey started verbally abusing her and then punched her face in bed.

She tried to cover her face with her arms but could not do so as he struck her.

Patey said he would kill her and the victim was afraid he might do so, Mrs Jackson said. He said she deserved it and called her a cry baby.

When he went downstairs and put the television on, she went to the bathroom and saw her injuries.

He said at one stage “you had better not call the police”.

Patey told her to stop “being a drama queen” and that she “deserved it”.

She had facial bruising and swelling and the right side of her face was numb.

Mrs Jackson said the victim had not done anything to provoke it and could not believe what he had done.

But she had later made a statement to say Patey had been to the doctor and was seeking help and she did not want a restraining order because they planned to resume their relationship.

Interviewed, Patey claimed they were arguing and he snapped.

He said he did not have any sympathy but Ceri Lewis, defending, said that meant no sympathy for himself in the situation he had put himself in.

Miss Lewis said Patey knew there were no excuses for his behaviour. He was extremely ashamed that he had reacted as he did.

Probation officer Rachel Woodcock said Patey, who had issues of jealousy, trust and controlling his temper, was seeking to apportion blame to the victim.

She was concerned that he intended to return to the family home without any probation service intervention.

Magistrates' chairman Kimberly Caruana said it was a nasty assault on a woman, who had left her in an appalling situation, in what should be the safety of her home.

She said Patey, who was under the influence of drugs and alcohol, had minimised his use of cocaine, saying it was only at weekends and recreational.

She said he seemed to think it was acceptable to assault someone because he felt he had been provoked.

It was not and he was showing a concerning pattern of behaviour, she said.

Patey was also told to pay costs of £85 and a £15 surcharge.