A GIRL from Buckley was astonished to have personally received a thank you note from Buckingham Palace.

Libby-Rae Edwards hand made a card for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex, to congratulate them on their wedding in May this year.

Her nana Margaret Evans said she popped it in the post box without a stamp and the family thought no more of it – until a reply arrived at 7-year-old Libby-Rae’s home last week.

She said: "Libby-Rae made the card with my sister Anna, and we put it in the post but we didn't expect a reply. She was really chuffed when one came."

Libby-Rae's mum Zoe Edwards said she and her husband Chris were amazed to find the royal note had found its way back to their daughter, a pupil at Ysgol Glanrafon, Mold.

Mrs Edwards said: "It was on Tuesday the envelope came and it was addressed to her.

"It had the official stamp of the palace on and at first I thought it was something the school must have arranged.

"But none of the other parents have had one. Libby-Rae is adamant it is from the card she sent and I can only think she is right.

"My husband kept it for her to open when she got home from school and she was absolutely made up she got a reply. She didn't expect it at all."

Inside the envelope Libby-Rae was delighted to find a postcard sized picture of Prince Harry and the Duchess of Sussex at their wedding day, with a note thanking her for her card.