MORE needs to be done to crack down on speeding in Buckley, a councillor has said.

Despite officers from North Wales Police working with the local Community Speed Watch group, Cllr Arnold Woolley said traffic calming measures needed to be put in place to stop motorists exceeding 30mph.

Sgt Liam Ho recently met with the speed watch team at Padeswood Road South to assess the situation and a number of motorists were stopped and advised about their speed.

Traffic offence reports were issued to a driver and a passenger for not wearing a seatbelt and another motorist was given a written warning.

Sgt Ho said: "Community Speed Watch have raised concerns about speeding in Bannel Lane, Padeswood Road South, Alltami Road, Bryn Road and Drury New Road.

"I will be allocating officers to enforce speed limits in these areas and asking Go Safe if they can deploy their mobile cameras. We are also working with the council to make sure appropriate traffic signage is in place."

The Leader has recently reported on concerns about speeding in the area and Cllr Woolley, of the Speed Watch group, said while he appreciated police efforts, speeding was not something that could be dealt with in one day.

He added: "These impacts, brief and individual, don't get across to the average drivers and the result of that is they continue speeding.

"I think it's going to take solid traffic calming measures on the road to protect the houses and the residents.

"It's going to be a long battle and until the county council comes and put some arming there, the damage will still go on.

"Police are doing the best they can but until the attitudes of motorists change, the issue isn't going to change.

"We need a change in driver attitude and the appearance of police is welcome, they are doing what they can but although it's helping solve things, it's not going to prevent it."

The councillor has called on Flintshire Council to put speed bumps and other traffic measures on the road but he said he was unsuccessful.

Steve Jones, chief officer Streetscene and transportation, previously told the Leader that the route was recently assessed but the scheme scored insufficiently to qualify for available funding this financial year.

Anyone with concerns about speeding in the area can contact Sgt Ho via the live webchat.