WALK into Mold's revamped Old Bowling Green Hotel and you could be forgiven for thinking you'd stepped back in time to a bygone era of glamour and style.

Whether its the classic Citroen car parked outside, the shabby chic furniture and pin striped suits inside or the beautiful Wurlitzer Jukebox playing Elvis in the corner, 'The Time Travellers' is a unique addition to the town's retail offering and one where you can browse away to your heart's content confident of the fact you're bound to find something interesting.

"My partner Rob bought the building about five years ago and we've spent the time since doing it up so it's flats above but he always thought the bottom portion of the building should be something different," explains owner Sian Jeffreys, who certainly looks the part in her raspberry beret.

"It was Rob's suggestion because we both liked vintage that we open a vintage shop and we now have the shop in what used to be the public bar of the hotel which was built in 1880 but ceased being a hotel in 1923."

Striking out on her own was a brave move for Sian, who previously worked as an environmental advisor at a coal fired power station ("a vintage power station!" she laughs).

"I'd been collecting items for a number of years," she says. "I love talking about the things we have for sale and finding out they have a bit of history.

"Rob thinks I'm a bit of a hoarder but if it wasn't for hoarders we wouldn't be here today because it's thanks to the people who kept this stuff over the years that we've opened."

Sian's own personal preference is for items from the 1930s, something which is reflected in many of the collectables and curiosities on display in The Time Travellers, which opened earlier this summer.

"I'm still learning but I really like the 1930s and 40s," she says. "We have things here from the Victorian era but really it's anything from the 1920s through to the 1970s. Some people consider 1980s and 1990s items to be vintage now but as someone who grew up in that era I don't really think of it as vintage.

"We have a camper van and whenever we go away we visit vintage shops so we had a feel for what sort of stuff was put there and what was popular but sometimes you've got to just trust your instincts and hopefully you'll be a success."

Reaction to the shop's opening has been positive and Sian and Rob are hoping it might also spark an interest in Mold as a desirable destination for all those interested in the past.

She says: "Everyone who comes in has been really positive and they love the layout of the building. Some people have even asked if its a museum!

"What I really like is when I'm behind he counter and I see a customer sit down and pick up a book and look through - it means we have a nice, welcoming feel.

"It's really difficult for anyone on the high street with everyone struggling at the moment but there are a few places in Mold now such as the warehouse across the road and Florence and Bunce which specialises more in furniture.

"I'd love it if Mold could become a bit of destination for collectors."