CHILDREN'S lives are at risk as drivers are carelessly parking outside a local primary school, a concerned parent has said.

Rhian Jones, of Connah's Quay, is urging residents to park elsewhere when dropping their children off at Golftyn CP before someone gets seriously injured.

The 28-year-old told the Leader that parents are parking on double yellow lines and blocking resident's driveways despite the recent enforcements put in place by the County Council.

She added: "If the view of a child is blocked by cars then they could end up getting hit, that is my concern, we all have kids at the school

"We can educate children as much as we want about crossing roads but if parents won't take notice how can we expect children to? It would only take two seconds and then that child has gone, if there's no cars around there then it gives them a chance.

"People say it's not my business but I couldn't live with myself if I stood by and did nothing, at the end of the day a child's life is important."

Following a funding boost of £72,000 for safe routes in 2017, the Leader reported that work had been completed around Golftyn Primary school earlier this year.

The safe routes included a new school crossing, 20mph zones in the area, a re-allocated bus stop and pavement repairs.

A time restricted zone was also put in place outside the school to stop parents parking during busy times but Ms Jones said nothing much has changed.

She said: "There hasn't been enough deterrent, the council are stretched and they don't have the resources. Flintshire is a massive county, we've been affected by cuts just like the whole of Wales but I do think it's a massive problem.

"I don't want parents to be targeted but something needs to be done. The main issue is that we can't see past these cars.

"I do feel like I'm not being listened to. It's about the safety of the kids, it's them I'm worried about. Safety measures have been put in but they are being ignored. It's a problem in a lot of schools in Flintshire. If the council aren't here every day then something bad will happen."

Steve Jones, Chief Officer Streetscene and Transportation, said: "The Council completed a safety scheme outside Golftyn School earlier this year and a number of changes were made to improve the safety for pupils attending the school.

"The Council's own Enforcement Officers visit the site on a regular basis and will issue Fixed Penalty Notices to any motorist found to be contravening the traffic orders. The frequency of these visits will be enhanced following receipt of this complaint."