RESIDENTS have been left petrified by an overnight arson attack as a joint investigation is launched.

A shed was targeted and set alight at Bryn Place in Llay, leaving the structure completely destroyed.

North Wales Police and North Wales Fire and Rescue Service are teaming up to investigate the incident.

Neighbours who live on the street said they were petrified and have called for increased police patrol in the area.

One resident, who did not wish to be named, said: "Things like this are always happening down here. My car and van have been scratched and two weeks ago the house on the corner had their shed set on fire.

"It's not just here, it's all across town, they're targetting cars as well.

"The fire really scared me, it petrified me. I didn't want to sleep alone afterwards.

"You can tell it's been done on purpose. You could see it was on fire equally around all four sides. It was properly ablaze, it didn't happen by accident. And there's a gas cannister in that shed, it's such a careless thing to do.

"I think police need to patrol more. Kids hang out in Dingle Place and now people need to look out for one another, because cars are being damaged and someone could get hurt.

"You just sit in your house thinking it could be me next."

The fire was called in at around 9.19pm and the crew were directed to Bryn Place in Llay, where a shed had been set on fire.

One crew from Wrexham was called out to the fire, with two hoses and a thermal imaging camera being use to tackle the blaze.

If anyone has any information regarding the fire they can contact the police non-emergency number on 101 or