A RETIRED driving instructor has said she is concerned for her safety after motorists continue to speed down her road.

Val Helme, 68, has been a resident at Padeswood Road South, Buckley, for about four years and she said despite the road being a 30mph zone, drivers take it over 60mph.

She told the Leader: "We live on a sharp bend and you can't see around it, it's unbelievable the speeds people are coming down that road at. There's no footpath so drivers are driving close to our front doors at over 60mph it's terrible.

"We have to live here in a dangerous situation and we have to be so careful. There is a total disregard, no-one is particularly interested in our safety.

"It's just a nightmare, they can't seem to grasp how dangerous it is. If anyone got hurt from their family, they would be the first to complain about it.

"If I pull out of my drive and someone hits me, I'm going to be in the wrong because I'm going onto the road. Street lighting means 30, these drivers are not being clever, they are being dangerous."

Val, who is registered disabled, is part of a Community Speed Watch group, organised by North Wales Police, and she said when they stand outside with the speed gun and log the motorists details, they are subject to verbal abuse.

Having contacted Flintshire County Council and North Wales Police, Mrs Helme said three years down the line it is still a major problem.

The 68-year-old added: "It's gotten that bad I'm thinking of moving and selling, it's ridiculous. When I moved in it wasn't that busy but with ALDI being built and more properties on the way there's going to be more and more cars.

"We are up against nothing, no-one seems to want to do anything. It's not fair really. My neighbour has one eye and 40 per cent sight, it's a danger to him as well as dog walkers and cyclists.

"Another neighbour doesn't have a car and she has to walk up and down the road and has to jump into a hedge when a car speeds past."

Steve Jones, Chief Officer Streetscene and Transportation, said the council has actively been engaging with local residents to investigate the safety concerns.

He added: "The route was recently assessed in accordance with the council's Safety Scheme Matrix for which all requests in the County are scored, ranked and prioritised, however, the scheme scored insufficiently to qualify for available funding this financial year.

"Speeding surveys were also completed along the route for which the resulting data has been passed to North Wales Police for their consideration. The Council are also working closely with Go-Safe who are currently assessing the suitability of the site for purposes of mobile camera enforcement."

The Leader has approached North Wales Police for comment.