VISITORS can look under the great winding drum of a Grade II listed colliery.

CADW, the historic environment service of the Welsh Government, have released an 'Open Doors' project which aims to show off the legacy and history of the 1864 site.

Bersham Colliery No. 2 Engine House is a Grade II listed building with its winding engine intact. The engine house is undergoing some substantial maintenance work.

The site has the only remaining headgear left in North Wales, and is a legally protected scheduled ancient monument in the care of Wrexham Council.

The North Wales Miner's Association Trust is assisting with opening the doors to Bersham Colliery Engine House. There will be an opportunity to see a collection of miner’s lamps, slide shows and films will be available to view. The miner's bus will be on site filled to the brim with mining memorabilia. Larger mining artefacts are dotted around the yard.

Bersham was the last working colliery in the Denbighshire coalfield. The headgear is the last one standing on the North Wales coalfield.

All are welcome to a tour of the Colliery on Sunday, September 30, from 10am-4pm, and entry is free for everyone under the Open Doors scheme.