THE IMMINENT closure of Buckley’s last bank is ‘disgusting’, according some of the town’s residents.

Last week, it was announced that the Lloyds branch will be closing its doors on February 4, 2019, and with it will go Buckley’s last bank.

The Leader took to the streets of Buckley to find out the views of some of the town’s residents and visitors.

Robert Moore said: “Terrible isn’t it? I’ll have to go to Mold or even into Chester. Such closures are killing the high streets of towns like Buckley.

“I don’t use online banking so going into a branch is how I do all my banking, so it’s a big loss to me.’’

Carol Jonkan and Jo Trataris added: “It’s a great pity it’s closing as we use it regularly. We do bank online but also often visit the bank as it’s so convenient, so the premise that it’s because everyone is banking solely online is false. It’s really sad.”

Helen Davies expressed strong views on the decision to close to close the Lloyds branch.

She said: “It’s an absolute tragedy that Buckley is going to lose its last bank. It will be a very. very sad day for the town. Banks make older people feel a sense of safety, as you can go in and talk to a human. Holes in the wall and banking on a computer screen are fine for youngsters but for us it’s intimidating.

“If we have an issue we can go the bank and they sort it for us, and now we’re going to lose that luxury in Buckley. Buckley is a big town and for it not to not have a bank seems wrong, so for me it’s a step backwards, not forwards.’’

Jennifer James expressed similar views. She said: “I personally think it’s disgusting that Buckley is losing its last bank. When it goes what are we going to do? Buckley used to be a thriving town, but now most of the high street shops you think are part of the furniture are going one by one. It’s very sad.’’