TWO men whose bare-chested town centre knuckle fight was captured on camera were told that "while their behaviour may be acceptable on the streets of Poland, it was not in Britain".

Adam Marczak and Marcin Jaskula were captured on CCTV slugging it out in Queens Square, Wrexham, taking their shirts off to trade blows as astonished passers-by watched on in the early hours of the morning.

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CCTV captures the two men fighting in Wrexham town centre. Images: North Wales Police

One man who tried to intervene was knocked out by a stray blow, but the two men carried on merrily throwing punches at each other to the point of exhaustion - and in Jaskula's case unconsciousness.

He picked himself up after being laid on the floor to resume hostilities, but eventually he was seen staggering and falling to the ground in footage shown at Wrexham Magistrates Court.

Yet the pair - whose unseemly brawl took place after they had met as strangers at a party - were left bemused as they claimed it would not have landed them in court back in Poland.

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Prosecutor Justin Espie said: "An innocent bystander was knocked out cold and the co-defendant was knocked out cold in the street in a sustained piece of violence.

"It is clear they wanted to fight and neither of them was backing down.

"But incidents of violence have an effect on the public and if the public were in court listening to the sniggering of the defendants (in court) they would not be impressed either."

Laura Preston-Hayes, defending, stressed the pair were horrified when they were shown the CCTV at Wrexham police station.

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"They are not in and out of court. They have been resident in the UK for seven years and have good jobs," she said.

Jaskula came off the worse in the fight and needed hospital treatment after suffering bruising to his eyes.

His solicitor said he had no recollection of the night and added: "An awful lot of the these blows from both men did not connect.

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"They were highly intoxicated. They had both been to a party and had been drinking excessively.

"They tell me that back in Poland this would not have been an offence, although I've explained to them it is more to do with the the effect it has on the public here.

In Poland they would shake hands and that would be the end of it."

Marczak, 25, of Tenters Square, Wrexham, admitted affray and Jaskula, 37, of Shields Court, Wrexham, admitted threatening behaviour after the brawling on September 2.

Sentencing the pair to do unpaid work, deputy district judge Roger Lowe said "This sort of behaviour may be acceptable on the streets of Poland but it's not acceptable here.

"People came and tried to stop you but you carried on and an innocent bystander was knocked unconscious for a short period of time.

"It was quite unacceptable and I would urge you both to control your drinking in future."

Marczak was told to complete 200 hours of unpaid work as part of a one-year community order while Jaskula was told to do 140 hours of unpaid work as part of a similar punishment.

Both men also have to pay £85 costs and a victim surcharge of £85.