A GROUP working to make Flintshire a safer place for refugees has announced several goals for the end of this year.

Synergy - a group of representatives from various organisations which support refugees across Flintshire - launched at King's Christian Centre in Mold earlier this year.

The project is part of the international City of Sanctuary movement and aims to encourage organisations to sign up to a 'pledge' scheme in which they offer to do something to help make Mold a welcoming place of safety for people fleeing violence or persecution.

Liz Litherland, a former teacher for Wrexham youth service and a member of the group, told the Leader of Synergy's plans for the near future.

She explained: "Our next big task is to create an education pack.

"We have a teacher and she is taking on the task of making one and contacting head teachers to tell them about what we can offer them to become schools of sanctuary.

"The target for October is businesses in Mold - we would be delighted to hear from more businesses.

"The next target after that will be the health service - we want to get in touch with health centres so they can be as approachable and welcoming as possible.

"We then want to move it out from Mold. We have some people in Flint and Holywell who want to run it and we are hoping that can be done during the autumn.

"We're about to get in touch with Buckley and Caerwys as well to ask if we can speak at their town councils."

Mrs Litherland added the group has now decided to apply to become a small charity in order to be eligible for funding.

Synergy held a briefing event on July 27 for MPs and businesses managers, after which the group welcomed City of Sanctuary Wales coordinator Rebecca Scott - who spoke about the movement and other groups.

The group also worked with the project Language 4 Living to provide summer activities for five Flintshire refugee families during the summer.

For more information about Synergy, or to collect or return a pledge, visit the Salvation Army in Wrexham Street, Mold.

Alternatively search for the group 'Synergy: working together to make Flintshire a place of Sanctuary' on Facebook.