BORRAS PARK Community Primary School has a new head teacher and he's keen to make a good impression.

Rob Nicholson is new to the job but knows the area well, having previously been deputy head at Acton Primary School.

Before starting at Borras Park, Mr Nicholson was the head of then troubled Westwood Primary School in Buckley. Under Mr Nicholson's leadership the school has been turned around and after eight years he is proud to leave the school in a positive state.

"When I came to Westwood in Buckley there were a lot of issues to sort out," said Mr Nicholson. "Staff morale was low and the school was quite close to special measures.

"But that was turned round and in January of this year the Estyn report came in and in areas it was excellent, so I'm very proud of that school."

But Mr Nicholson is relishing his biggest challenge to date.

"Borras Park is the biggest school I've managed and a big challenge. It's an exciting job to do though.

"Moving to a new school, there's such a lot to learn. Knowing every childs name and knowing their needs and getting to know the staff as well.

"My priority is to make sure everything is working as it should and to make sure everything is consistent between all the year groups.

Borras Park is set to be the site of Wrexham's newest Welsh medium school, something that Mr Nicholson is looking forward to overseeing.

"My big drive right now is to unite the two schools as the developments begin. We've already got a first floor but as time goes on we'll be working with the council to future proof the school, building bigger classrooms and securing the site.

Most of all Mr Nicholson is happy with the positive reception he has received since arriving at Borras Park.

"I can't thank the staff here enough for how they've welcomed me. There's a real positive mindset from the staff and I know I've got the support from them and the parents.

"At the end of the day people are trusting us to look after their kids for six hours a day, so we have to do a good job.

"As I find my feet I'm sure little things here and there will change, for example the children are only allowed water and fruit at break time.

"They're a great bunch of kids here though. School sports teams will be starting soon and there are lots of after school activities to get excited about.

"Even the kids from the impaired unit made a name for me in sign language. It's great to have the support of everyone at the school."