A LOCAL fundraising team pedalled their way to power during their first cycling event for charity.

Team Jenson, a group of over 100 members of friends and family dedicated to raising funds for a young Buckley boy, Jenson Edwards, set out on a 125 mile charity bike ride on Sunday.

Jenson, aged five, was diagnosed with a rare muscle-wasting condition at just age three. Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, an illness which means Jenson won't be able to walk, run, or play as a teenager, has no known cure.

Funds have been raised over the past two years through numerous sky dives, running races, and even an 'auction off' of bachelors across the region.

This September, Jenson's mum Hannah Grindley joined a team of six men in the CW125 - only a month after picking up her first road bike and clocking the miles.

Adam Harper, Aaron Jones, Vincent Bamber, Liahll Bruce, Callum Jones and Mike Price made up the pack of cyclists who, in Hannah's words, "got her through it."

Dad Craig Edwards, who was also leading a crew of Team Jenson runners in the Great North Run at the same time Hannah and co were cycling across Cheshire, said "there is no stopping that woman and I never had a doubt she wouldn't complete it."

Natalie Jones, wife to Aaron Jones who also cycled on Sunday, said her husband was "so committed to ahead of the race, and how she "hardly saw him" in the run up due to his dedication.

Parents Hannah and Craig thanked everyone for their continued support and participation on their mission to find a cure for Duchenne MD.