A FLINTSHIRE barber who only completed an apprenticeship in the field in 2015 has scooped two awards for work.

Jade Rogers, from Connah's Quay, has won two British Barbers Association awards and has this year opened her own barbershop in Connah's Quay.

In 2015, Jade left a factory job to pursue her dream job as a hairdresser and successfully got onto a year long hairdressing apprenticeship at Deeside College in October 2015.

Just two and a half years down the line and Jade has won the British Barbers Association Judges Choice Award and in July won the People's Choice Award for her work at her newly opened barbers shop.

The shop, in the Redhall area of Connah's Quay, has received a number of plaudits and was voted to win the award by satisfied customers.

Jade Rogers said: ''I am so happy that within 3 years of barbering from starting with an apprenticeship in 2015 I have won 2 awards and opened my own business.

''For me personally In my career I want to continue to step up. We are always learning in this industry and I enjoy that about my career. In the future I want to educate others and help people grow in the industry and be an inspiration.

And Jade is no stranger to knowing that hard graft is needed to achieve your ultimate goal.

She added: ''I started an apprenticeship working 30 plus hours a week and trained in college once a week. I was 22 when I started barbering and was earning very little money but that didn't bother me because it was something I was passionate about and enjoyed.''

And Jade has an abundance of advice to give to aspiring hairdressers.

She added: ''To all of you 17 year olds starting a barbering career don't be afraid to try different things, be original, be confident and work hard to reach your goals. Be proud of yourself because if you believe, you can achieve.

''Having the confidence and self belief to overcome your nerves is the best feeling in the world, so take on any challenges you get given..I would definitely say don't be afraid about trying new things, don't compare yourself to others, be original, work hard and let that pay off.

''Being pro-active and going to barber events meeting new people and picking up tips along the way will definitely help you improve and add to your skill sets.''