PUPILS at a Flintshire school were taught valuable life skills that is not part of their curriculum.

Gavin Eastham, 35, is a martial instructor and he says he wants all primary schools in the UK to teach children skills which are part of their every day life, rather than as an extra-curriculum class at school.

He has brought the Success for Life programme to Ysgol Sychdyn where year five and six pupils were taught skills, on top of martial arts, including self-confidence, conflict avoidance and teamwork.

He said: “Children will be learning how to deal with a variety of emergency situations confidently. I’m really pleased I have got a headteacher that sees it the same way I do.

“Children don’t just need to learn maths and English, they need to develop as humans and become more disciplined.

“Some people will come across situations they won’t know how to deal with and hopefully this programme will help with that.

“How do you teach children confidence? It takes time, effort and money, all of which schools are limited. I don’t believe teachers have been taught how to teach things like this. It’s not on the curriculum and they follow the curriculum.”

At the end of the 12-week program, children will get a certificate and the 35-year-old is hoping that other schools in the area will join the initiative and ensure children are learning these important skills that Gavin says will stay with them for life.