AN EXHIBITION commemorating the end of the First World War will be held in Mold

The event, called Flintshire Remembers, will take place in Tyddyn Street United Church as part of the Daniel Owen Festival week.

Arranged by Flintshire War Memorials, the Mold Civic Society and the church’s history group with the help of local historian David Rowe, the exhibition at Tyddyn Street Church will be open from 11am to 4pm on October 25 to 27 with free admission.

The central part of the exhibition will be the display of images-photographs, letters and also stories from the study of the memorials to the Flintshire fallen in the war which has been collected for the website

This project, led by Eifion and Viv Williams, has involved research by many volunteer amateur historians.

The exhibition covers the whole of historic Flintshire, but there will be much about people from Mold and neighbouring towns and villages.

One of the exhibits will be about the use of Leeswood Hall as a hospital in the war and another the story of local people who died in the sinking of the Lusitania.

There will also be items from the collections of the Mold Civic Society.

Diane Johnson, chair of the society, said: "the civic society are pleased to be taking part in this exhibition to mark the centenary of the end of the First World War.

"It promises to be a memorable and fitting occasion."

Local historian, David Rowe, who is advising the Church History Group, said: "The group has had a busy time, firstly with the production of memorial boards commemorating the Mold Riots, and now preparing to host this Exhibition.

"This church like many other Mold churches and organisations had members who served during the Great War and group see the holding the exhibition as a way of respect and sharing the remembrance of the conflict."

The Church’s History Group have some items for display themselves but would welcome interest from people in Mold and area who have also have items (photos or documents) with a personal story from World War One that they would like to share and display at the exhibition.

Any interested people are invited to contact Mervyn Phillips from the history group at or David Rowe at

Mervyn Phillips added that in addition to the exhibits themselves there will be talks, videos and information points to be announced, all adding to the event.