SCHOOL pupils have been learning important curriculum skills with the nature surrounding them.

Children at Ysgol Gymraeg Mornant School, Picton, picked and collected fruit from the plants in their outside area and brought them into the classroom where they decided to work towards selling them.

Gwawr Closs-Griffiths, Key Stage 2 teacher, said before selling the items, pupils had a look at the mathematics side and weighed the apples to see if they weighed the same and placed them in size order.

She added: "It teaches them cookery skills as well because we are planning on making a crumble, as well as numeracy skills and literacy and also science. It's cross curriculum work.

"It's about getting children aware of what is around them and it's things they can grow themselves at home. They are all readily available."

Bethan Jones, headteacher, said: "In our wonderful outside area we have all sorts of fruits, trees and natural plants and our children basically picked some apples, blackcurrants and plums and focused their work around this."