DOZENS of people have taken to social media after seeing a horse looking out of a bedroom window.

The horse is actually a piece of mural artwork which covers the main window of a house on a Saltney stables yard.

Green Lane Livery Yard has had one its horses depicted across a window of the house belonging to home and business owner Rita Wild.

The Leader:

The artwork, done by Andy Birch from Colwyn Bay on September 5, has been spray painted across main window on the front of the house and shows Joey, a horse belonging to Mrs Wild's granddaughter Lola.

Mrs Wild said: “It only took a couple of hours and he did it all with a spray cans and he didn’t even draw it on first.

“It’s a picture of my granddaughter’s horse called Joey and everyone that knows the pony recognises him straight away.

“I put a picture of it on the Saltney Community Group and it’s had 61 likes and loads of positive comments and I didn't think it would get such a positive reaction to be honest.

“I told Lola I was having it done and she was so excited when she saw it and his work is amazing.''

Lola Wild, 12, said she was delighted when she saw a picture of her pony Joey on the side of her grandma’s house.

She said: “I just think it looks absolutely and looks exactly like him, it was a wonderful surprise.''