PARENTS have reacted to the news that Hawarden High School has put a ban on its students have hair shorter than a Grade 2.

Last week the school notified parents on the policy through a newsletter, and parents have reacted angrily the news on social media.

On the #TakeBackOurSchools Facebook page, the following concerns and sentiments were made by parents.

Laura Jones said: ''Why can't they deal with more important issues like the bullying that goes on and education instead of haircuts? This is ridiculous.''

A parent who wished to remain anonymous said: ''We’ve been dealing with this since Wednesday after my child was pulled out of class within two hours of starting in Year 7 because of his hair style.

"He said the teacher who spoke to him was really nice and told him not to worry, and the next teacher was equally nice, but it took two teachers and an escalation to the headteacher for a decision to be made as to whether his hair is considered 'extreme' and as of yet they’ve not come back to him on this.

''I fully support rules and policies, but I am really struggling with is that as a parent, and I’m sure the majority of the parents are the same.

"We teach our children about equality and acceptance as well as trying to build their confidence so they can freely express who they are but the school, which is also responsible for educating and developing our children, is the very one judging them and dictating how they should wear their hair.

''I seriously struggle to understand how someone has come up with this rule and thinks that it’s perfectly acceptable to enforce their narrow mindedness on a group of youngsters. Shame on you.

''And I’m certain they will be unable to back this up with any stats that show that children with 'extreme' hair cuts bomb out of school as they can’t be educated.

"Perhaps our children should put together a presentation for the teachers/governors on this topic as clearly they have more awareness of it than some of them.''

Kate Laing added: ''How does a shaved head distract a student from school work? This is utter rubbish.''

A parent who wishes to remain anonymous said: ''This is completely outrageous. My son goes to Hawarden High and I like the discipline they have over the uniform but hair cuts? Seriously.

"There are going to be a lot of angry parents and a huge back lash to Mr Budgen (Headteacher) I would think.

Debbie May, who is a teaching assistant, said: ''Get out of the dark ages Hawarden High School.

"The pressures on these kids are immense - self-harm, eating disorders, abuse, grooming, bullying, depression these are issues put your efforts into these, rather than further isolate these kids.''

A statement by assistant headteacher Geraint Hughes said: ''I do not want to get into any situation where I am being required to isolate students until their hair grows to an 'acceptable' length.

"And so I ask from this point onwards that no sections or whole heads should be trimmed shorter than a Grade 2.

''This will allow our focus to be on the learning experience and not be distracted by other issues.''