CONCERNS have been raised about a potentially harmful substance which has remained close to a public footpath in Mold for over a year.

Residents of Parc Hendy highlighted the issue of asbestos on broken roof tiles of a series of garages in May 2017, but nothing has yet been done to remove it.

This is despite Flintshire Council, which owns the garages, agreeing to demolish the garages in January of this year in favour of having car parking spaces. They were supposed to be demolished by August, but this deadline has passed without any work being carried out.

There are now plans for work to be carried out by the end of the financial year, which is not until April. But Parc Hendy's residents believe work will not be done by then, and they are angered by Flintshire Council's lack of action on the matter.

Margaret Walker, alongside fellow resident Myra Jones, has been campaigning for the demolishing of the garages.

She said: ''There are school children that walk past the site every day, it simply isn't a safe environment for them, or anyone to be in.

''The garages have caused such a mess that people don't want to buy homes here anymore, and I don't blame them. The August deadline has passed without anything being done, so what will change in the next few months?''

Asbestos, a highly heat-resistant fibrous silicate mineral, is often used to forge roof tiles. In most cases the asbestos roof tiles pose no health hazard, with the dangerous fibres of the substance being kept firmly in place by the cement. However, asbestos roof tiles can potentially become dangerous when the tiles begin to deteriorate thereby exposing the asbestos fibres, as has been the case at the Queens Park garages on Parc Hendy.

The most common diseases associated with chronic exposure to asbestos are asbestosis, an inflammation and scarring of the lungs and mesothelioma, a type of cancer that commonly affects the lungs.

Neal Cockerton, the council's chief officer housing and ssets said: “Arrangements were made for the site to be inspected yesterday (September 5) and for it to be made secure. Any asbestos found during the course of the inspection will be removed promptly and safely.

“No specific deadline was given for the demolition of the garages as further options for the site were being considered. It is intended however, that the garages will be prioritised for demolition as soon as practicable before the end of the financial year.”