A community group dedicated to bringing events to Buckley has been forced to disband due to lack of financial support.

The Buckley Events and Attractions Society (BEATS) is a group of five people who for the last 16 months have been raising money to host a series of events for the people of Buckley to enjoy, but due to significant losses on the events they have put on, the group has been forced to close.

In total, BEATS put on six events over the 16 months they were in operation, but lost money on every event.

Most recently, they held BEATS Fest on August 26, a music festival at the Tivoli.

On the day, only 47 people attended. BEATS lost £1,100 on that event alone, and it has now been decided that it is simply not possible for them to continue.

It was hoped that these events would go a long way to funding an annual summer music festival to be held on Buckley Common.

Other events that BEATS put on were a band night at Buckley cricket club, a children’s Halloween party, a two-day Santa's Grotto, Buckley funday last summer and table top tombolas.

Garry Maddran, chairman of BEATS, said: ''Sadly we all feel with the lack of support both financially and attendance wise we cannot continue to lose any more of what little funding we have left.

''BEATS Fest was the last straw, and it wasn't as if we didn't advertise it, we had stands around Buckley to have it noticed. We arranged to have public consultations in various Buckley establishments to ascertain what people wanted but on each occasion no one turned up.

''While we're gutted to have to pull the plug, we'd like to say a massive thanks to National Lottery's Big Lottery Fund, without which we could not have put on any events.''

A statement on the BEATS Facebook said: ''At each event we have put on we have lost money. The biggest event was an all day live music event last Sunday 26th August at the Tivoli.

''Even though our Facebook page had nearly 600 likes, only 47 people supported us. This is from a town of almost 20,000 people. To say we are disappointed is an understatement.

''We feel let down by the people of Buckley, and feel our dream of an outdoor music festival was possibly a pipe dream. If we continued with BEATS and fundraising towards our goal we wonder if people would actually turn up and support us.

''So, with heavy hearts we are saying 'Buckley, we did our best, but unfortunately we can't deliver on our dream for our town'".

The remaining funds in the BEATS bank account will be divided and given to deserving local charities.